Acai Berry For Weight Loss – Acai Berry Antioxidant Benefits

The acai berry is the fruit of the acai palm and is only found in some regions of South America, mainly in Brazil where it is cultivated for the berry. Native people in Brazil treat digestive disorders and skin conditions with the
berry and have done so for hundreds of years.

The berry has a very large seed that is approximately 90% of the entire fruit and only 10% of the fruit, the skin, and pulp is edible. Thus, the yield of the harvest is quite small. The berry is a high-fat fruit, approximately 30 –
50% fat. That fat is healthy Omega fat – unsaturated Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9.

With this high a fat percentage the acai berry can become rancid in a short time – as little as a day after the harvest. This is one reason it is not possible to export the berries in their fresh ripe condition. They would perish prior to reaching their intended market.

Since acai berries are quite perishable and impossible to ship fresh to other countries they are usually consumed immediately upon harvest. However, for export they are usually frozen, dried or made into juice and as you might expect the products are very expensive.

There have been many studies that identify inflammation, rather than cholesterol, as the main cause of heart disease. Therefore, it is a fact that inflammation has a bigger role in triggering heart attacks and heart disease than we ever imagined.

Since we know that inflammation can be both positive and negative when it affects the body. However, the negative effects of chronic inflammation need to be controlled. Considering the problem with inflammation, we must then seek ways to control and eliminate inflammation.

One of the easiest ways to fight inflammation in the body is to eat a healthy diet rich in anti-inflammatory
Properties as well as health supplements that fight inflammation. The acai berry is one of those healthy
supplements that help control chronic Inflammation

Acai fruit has antioxidant effects and has been studied for its effects on inflammatory diseases and allergies.
The seeds and the roots do not contain the antioxidant effect of the pulp and skin. This healthy supplement is being called by some the “superfood” and is one of the latest discoveries in high antioxidant content fruits. To
get the greatest benefit from this healthy supplement in whichever form you decide to use, be sure the product
you use does not contain the seeds or the roots of the acai palm.

Acai berry healthy supplements are being promoted as a weight loss aid that works by increasing metabolism,
increasing energy levels, and fat oxidation. It also helps in the fight against free radicals which is an aid to faster weight loss. This healthy supplement must, of course, be combined with a healthy diet and at least a moderate amount of exercise in order to promote the desired weight loss.

In laboratory tests, the berry extract has shown that it caused some cancer cells to self-destruct; however, more testing is necessary to determine whether it will have the same effects on humans as it had in the lab tests. It is known that Acai may interfere with chemotherapy drugs. Therefore, as with all supplements, one should check with his/her physician before adding any health supplement to their diets.

This berry is rich in amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. They also contain potassium, calcium,
magnesium, zinc, and copper as well as being a good source of fiber – 14 grams in every 1– grams of freeze
dried acai powder.

Together the nutrients in the berry may help, maintain health in bodily systems and organs, increase energy, promote healthy skin and hair. They may also support the immune system as well as being a strong anti-inflammatory.

Last, but not least it tastes delicious and has a berry chocolate flavor. Who does not love chocolate? There is much more to be discovered about this unique and Wonderful Acai Berry Healthy Supplement.

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