Best Dietary Supplement (Unisex) for Living a Long Healthy Life

Research continues to support that statement. But you do not need mega-doses of any single
nutrient. The best dietary supplement available and a good diet should fulfill your needs.

In fact, too much of any essential nutrient could be as bad for your health as missing out on a
specific vitamin or mineral. What you need is balance.

The problem is that most people’s diets are not well balanced. There is not enough variety in
the foods that they eat to provide trace elements and cofactors that are just as important as
essential vitamins and minerals. Some of those trace nutrients may even be more important
than the well-known vitamins.

But, those daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplements that so many people take are not
good solutions. The supplements include artificial ingredients like flavorings and colors
that could be bad for your health. The big companies even use artificial vitamins.

Most of the vitamin E used in the supplement industry is synthetic. It is man-made using
petrochemicals. How could that possibly be good for you? It’s like eating plastic!

Taking a good multi-dietary supplement is like laying a strong foundation. Eating a healthy
diet is still important. There’s no doubt about that.

It’s just impossible to get all of the nutrients, herbs and extracts that have proven to be
important for long-lasting health through diet alone. A completely balanced multi-nutritional
supplement could even help slow down the aging process.

What Causes Aging?

Aging occurs on a cellular level throughout a person’s life. It doesn’t happen all at once, even
though it might sometimes seem to.

You are probably aware that your risk of heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis and stroke
increases with age. But, did you know that your risk of cancer increases with age? Did you
know that your risk of developing type II diabetes increases with age?

Many of these so-called age-related diseases are not really caused by age. They are caused
by cellular damage and DNA degeneration. Specific nutrients can help protect the cells and
protect your DNA.The main causes of aging are free radical damage, excessive glycation,
inefficient methylation and inflammation. All of those things lead to DNA degeneration.

If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must make an effort to address those issues.
You can do that easily with a good multi-nutritional supplement. Here’s a little information
about what the best supplements contain, what those ingredients can do for your health
and how they address the causes of aging.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea contains unique antioxidants that to date have not been found in other plant foods.
They are called catechins. Antioxidants help prevent free radical damage.

Green tea antioxidants specifically have been shown to prevent skin damage from UV
radiation and protect against skin cancer in animal studies. Several studies indicate
that green tea may protect against other types of cancer, too, including colon and
stomach cancer.

It helps people maintain a healthy weight, as well. Being overweight contributes to a problem
called “silent inflammation”. It might not cause symptoms, at least initially. But being
overweight or obese damages all of the body’s cells and organs.


SAM-e is best known as a natural treatment for depression. Although regulated as a dietary
supplement in the U.S., it is prescribed for depression in Europe and some other countries.

The nutrient has proven benefits for fibromyalgia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s,
arthritis and heart disease. It helps to slow the aging process by addressing the issue of
inefficient methylation.

Methylation is a cellular process that is essential for life. In order to be activated, some
nutrients and neurotransmitters must be methylated. For example, the feel good brain
compound serotonin must be methylated to improve your mood. That’s how SAM-e fights
depression. It activates serotonin because it is a methylating agent.


Carnosine is the only nutrient known to address the issue of excessive glycation. Glycation
occurs when glucose binds with protein molecules in the bloodstream to form large
molecules called advanced glycation end-products or simply AGEs.

AGEs cannot be used by the cells of your body. The molecules become trapped within the
cells and produce toxins that eventually damage cellular DNA. AGEs are believed to play
a role in Alzheimer’s and many other degenerative diseases. In a recent report, scientists
stated that AGEs are even a cause of wrinkles.

Carnosine protects protein molecules and breaks up the large AGE molecules before they
can damage the cells. It is naturally present in all of the muscles, tissues and some of the
organs of your body. But the carnosine concentration decreases with age. So, you really
need a supplement.

Turmeric Extract

Turmeric is a well-known spice plant. It was used historically to treat a host of illnesses.
There has been a renewed interest in the spice, primarily because of its potent
anti-inflammatory activity.

There are hundreds of natural anti-inflammatories. Researchers have concluded that
inflammation plays a role in heart disease and cancer, but they have stated specifically that
anti-inflammatory drugs are not effective against this kind of inflammation. They have also
stated that natural anti-inflammatories are effective.


Resveratrol is found in red grapes, red wines and Japanese knotweed. It is present in other
plant foods in very small quantities. Resveratrol is believed to be the compound that makes
red wine good for your heart.

Many benefits of resveratrol have been seen in scientific studies. But of greatest interest to
those of us who want to live longer, healthier lives is the fact that resveratrol has the ability to
turn on specific genes that can actually make us live longer.

This ability is similar to what is seen in animal studies when the animals’ diet is restricted in
terms of caloric intake. The animals appear younger. They have more energy and they are
healthier in general than animals whose diets are not calorie restricted.

Resveratrol is referred to as a calorie restriction mimetic. It causes the same DNA activity
that is caused when calories are severely restricted.

What Else Do You Need?

In addition to the natural ingredients above, you need minerals and vitamins. You will benefit
from a number of different antioxidants. For example, lutein and zeaxanthin may help reduce
your risk of age-related eye diseases.

Not only do you need dozens of different ingredients, you also need to be sure that the
ingredients are included in the product at the right dose and in the right form.

Too much of any good thing can be bad. If you tried to buy and take just the 5 super
ingredients listed above, you would pay a lot of money and there would be the risk of
side effects. For example, at high doses resveratrol can have a laxative effect.

The form is important, because not all forms are absorbable. For example, resveratrol is
poorly absorbed in some forms. So, the manufacturer must choose the right form if their
product is to be effective.

The ingredients also need to be combined properly. For example, you really shouldn’t take a
calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis if you do not take vitamin K. Vitamin K basically
tells your body where the calcium belongs.

Some of the ingredients need to be protected from stomach acid by an enteric coating.
Otherwise, they will break down into their component parts and provide no benefit. SAM-e is
an example.

Where can you find the best dietary supplement that contains everything you need, in the
right form and at the right dose with an enteric coating? Only Xtendlife provides that
kind of supplement.

Xtendlife makes the best supplements in the world. The Xtendlife Total Balance range was
specifically designed to help those of us who want to live longer, healthier lives.

Every single Xtendlife product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not
completely satisfied, you can return the product for a full refund. No other supplement
manufacturer offers that kind of guarantee.

What Benefits Can You Expect to See When You Start Taking Total

Customers notice numerous benefits. Some of the things you may notice right away are:

• Increased energy levels

• Better mood

• Feeling less stress

Other benefits you may notice as time goes by. You may have fewer colds and other minor
infections. Your blood lipid profiles may be healthier when you go for your annual physical.

The hope is that as you age you will notice that your peers are starting to slow down and
suffer from conditions like arthritis while you keep right on going.

Total Balance is by far the best dietary supplement on the market. You will be doing
yourself a long-lasting favor if you start taking it right away.

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