Bee Pollen Healthy Supplement – The Healthy Benefits of Natural Bee Pollen

The amazing bee has provided us with a beneficial healthy supplement. Long ago the Greeks and Romans called natural
bee pollen the secret “ambrosia” eaten to acquire eternal youth. Pollen was used by Native American, and for centuries by
the tribes in China During our modern time scientists and nutritionists have rediscovered these bee-prepared foods and
confirmed that they are able to promote benefits in the form of healing and rejuvenation.

Some nutritionists state that you could live adequately on bee pollen alone. Science shows that bee pollen, that amazing
yet mysterious nectar, has natural rejuvenating powers, fight allergies, aids beauty, extends life span (and possibly even
cancer) and relives digestive disorders. Bee pollen contains protein and lecithin, which nourish the brain and nervous

Healthy Food Fit For The Queen!

Based on research, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has stated that bee pollen is the most nutritious food we can eat.
It contains every nutrient required to sustain and support life in a pure, raw unaltered form. Bee products can provide
support for almost any ailment or desired health enhancement. One of the real appealing characters of the hive, besides
the bees themselves, is bee pollen. This wondrous is considered to contain every chemical substance needed to maintain
life, rejuvenate, nourish an heal, and nobody proves it better than the queen bee.

How a single bee can reign totally supreme in a community of thousands? Being the sole female, responsible for laying
2,000 eggs daily and living forty times longer than the worker bees, the queen bee is by far the most amazing testament to
bee pollen. No wonder it is considered a complete food, a great supplement to build the immune system and provide
energy for the entire body.

Healthy Digestion

Bee pollen is known to speed up human growth. It regulates the intestinal functions, especially in cases of chronic
constipation or diarrhea, which have been resistant to antibiotic treatment. Pollen self-digest and aids the digestion
of other foods. Another occurrence with bee pollen is weight control. Bee pollen in the digestive system gives a
speedy combustion, which makes fats burn faster and increase the rate of burned calories.

Test In Europe

Doctors in Poland and France have added this healthy supplement to children and adult’s diet and observed that,after a
few days, all the people tested felt better. Their blood analysis showed improvement in all and mostly in the anemic
children .Pollen has been used for curing some ailments of the nervous system.

After a week, people who took it became less nervous, and more eager to work,and depression disappears. It has also
been know to help relieve diabetic symptoms. Their test also showed that pollen contains an antibiotic similar to penicillin
and is able to inhibit the development of some microorganisms such as salmonella.

Bee pollen has the ability to correct body chemistry and eliminate unhealthy conditions.
European physicians noted that people with an alcohol problem, when treated with pollen, showed great reduction in
alcohol cravings. Young people who wanted to get off heavy drugs went through minimal or no withdrawal when treated
with bee pollen. Bee pollen also has the ability to throw off poisons and toxic materials from the body.

Doctors have made another discovery, but they are not able to explain it entirely, men who start eating 15g(1 tbsp.) of
pollen daily when they are around 40-45 years old do not have any problem with their prostate gland. Current prostate
problems can be eliminated using pollen (including patients scheduled for surgery). Pollen for Potency: Pollen helps with
the ability to perform the sexual act and the procreative capacity in cases of bareness and impotency. It is good for men
over 40 and for menopausal women.


Pollen is helpful with seniors who do not have the appetite to maintain a healthy diet. All minerals in bee pollen are present
in a highly digestible and organic form necessary for digestion of many foods, functioning of glands, organs, and nerves
and the balancing of blood, lymph, and aqueous and general metabolism system.

Bee pollen also contains active antibiotic substances, which destroy bacteria on contact. Bee pollen is useful in cases of
stress an d nervous endocrine system disorders due to its high content of natural B Vitamins. Bee pollen increases
energy and metal alertness and is believed to slow down the aging process.

Laundry List of Benefits

The following is a summarize listing of healthy benefits from Bee Pollen. Increases the body healing power, and aids the
body in building resistance to disease. It has been used with allergies, asthma, chronic rheumatism, colitis, arteriosclerosis,
insomnia, depression, failing memory, hay fever, to normalize intestinal activity, to lower cholesterol levels, and stimulate
appetite, lower blood pressure, offset the effects of drugs and pollutants, anaemic conditions and attention deficit.

Bee Pollen is also useful in times of pregnancy, lactation and intensive physical or mental work. It helps to maintain the high
levels of energy required to keep up with hectic schedules, deadlines or long hours. Pollen brings back vitality without the
dangers of artificial stimulants like caffeine, ephedra or guarana and can be taken safely at any time. Be pollen is the only
food that contains almost all of the 22 elements of which the human body is composed.

Today, many thousand tons of bee pollen is consumed as food, medicine or natural healthy
supplement. Everyone can benefit from using this product to maintain a Happier, Healthier, Lifestyle.

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