We produce coenzymes as a natural chemical compound in our bodies from some of the foods we eat such
as whole grains, and oily fish and liver. This aids in the production of protein and muscle contraction. As we
age, we begin to lose muscle mass and strength. Imagine that you could take a supplement that
would aid in maintaining muscle mass and strength. A supplement that might be the key to
maintaining a youthful appearance. This result may be obtained by taking this supplement.


Benefits of including CoQ10 supplement in your regime include increased energy, less fatigue,as
well as an aid against obesity. There may be benefits to those suffering from HIV,yeast infections
and other viruses. Athletes are helped by a boost in performance and an improvement in exercise
tolerance of those suffering from muscular dystrophy. Persons suffering from periodontal disease
report improvement in their conditions after adding the supplement to their diets. The benefits
cover a wide range of improvements for many conditions in addition to those listed above.


The American Chemical Society’s most prestigious honor, the Priestley Medal, was awarded to Karl
Folkers, PhD. Because he found that CoQ10’s most valuable benefit my be in the struggle against
heart disease. He did find that the blood levels of CoQ10 in heart disease patients to be much lower
than persons who were free of the disease and that 70 percent of his heart patients with congestive
heart disease did benefit from adding the supplement to their regime. There have been various
studies that appear to uphold this research.

There are additional benefits of this supplement suggested in various studies that include lowering
of blood pressure, help in preventing the damaging effects of chemotherapy on the heart. There has
also been seen a lowering of the incidence of irregular heart beat and strengthening heart functions
during surgery.


People with high cholesterol tend to have very low levels of CoQ10 in their blood. This is
when compared with individuals in good health in the same age range. When individuals are
treated with certain cholesterol-lowering drugs there seems to be a deficiency in CoQ10 caused
by the drugs. Thus, taking the supplement along with the cholesterol reducing drugs does not
seem to change the positive effects of the medication


Diabetics need to maintain positive circulatory systems along with blood sugar levels and heart
health. This supplement may help diabetics in this area of their all over health. There has been
some concern that it could cause a drop in blood sugar. However, studies have shown that
diabetics did not experience a hypoglycemic response after taking the supplement. However,
diabetics should check with their physicians before taking any supplements.

Research has already proven some of the benefits of this supplement and that may only be the tip
of the ice berg. The future may prove it to be much more exciting than we comprehend today. Visit
Xtend-life Website and add this supplement to your daily regime. With no exaggeration, it
could be the best thing that you ever done for your health.

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