Best Digestive Enzyme Supplement For Indigestion and Gastrointestinal suffers

Do you have heartburn or other digestive enzymes problems like frequent
constipation, loose runny stools or smelly gas? If so, you have come to the right
place. Here you will find relief!

Heartburn, constipation, or runny stools, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach cramps,
bloating, or just feeling uncomfortable around your midsection, those are all
symptoms of one thing …

An Imbalanced Digestive System

Imbalances can occur in any of your body’s systems causing symptoms that often
seem unrelated. You can think of your digestive system as your body’s “core”
system. The importance of having a balanced core cannot be exaggerated. Acne,
weight gain, back pain, and allergies are just a few of the conditions that may
actually be symptoms of an imbalanced core.

The system may become imbalanced for any number of reasons. Taking antibiotics,
eating the wrong foods, and insufficient intake of pure water are a few of the reasons.
Regardless of the reason or reasons, there is only one way to get the balance back.
You’ll learn about that in a moment, but first ….

Do Not Take Probiotics

Probiotics have become very popular. Almost everyone knows about them. But they
don’t work and they could even be dangerous. There are no probiotics in nature.
If this were something we were supposed to put into our bodies, it would
exist in nature.

Probiotics are created through the process of fermentation. If the process used is
faulty in some way, probiotics could make you very ill. Supposedly, they correct the
balance of gut flora. There is no evidence that this is true. In fact, there is evidence
that it is untrue. In scientific studies, no increase in beneficial bacteria was seen after
study participants took a probiotic. What you really need is to …

Take Prebiotics

The imbalance I’ve been talking about does not have to do with gut flora or beneficial
bacteria. Beneficial bacteria work to keep colonies of yeast from clogging the villi
through which nutrients are absorbed into the blood.

Colonies of beneficial bacteria prevent harmful like e-coli and staph from multiplying
and making you sick. They also play an important role in your body’s immune system.
The bacteria can destroy viruses faster than other components of your immune system.

Probiotics do not increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut.
Prebiotics do.

Prebiotics are found in nature. They are present in soluble fiber and in foods that
contain it. Foods like raw Jerusalem artichokes and the skin of kiwifruits. You can’t
really get enough from foods to see a big improvement. That’s why prebiotic
supplements were recently introduced. Prebiotic supplements and foods have been
shown to:

Make your immune system work better — you’ll catch fewer colds

Increase nutrient absorption by allowing the villi to function properly

Balance the pH of the bowel — an acidic bowel is associated with an increased
risk of cancer

Benefit inflammatory bowel disease — colitis and Crohn’s disease

Improve or eliminate allergy symptoms

Lower blood cholesterol levels — high blood cholesterol is a risk factor for hear

Prebiotics may prevent colon cancer and possibly stop its progression if
supplementation begins in the early stages of the disease, according to a study
published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2009.

Now the most important part:

Choose The Best Digestive Supplement

There are many digestive enzymes supplements on the
market containing kiwifruit pulp. That’s good, but not good
enough. Most of the periodic fiber is found in the skin.
That’s why you could not possibly eat enough kiwifruit, no
matter how much you like it. Who eats the skin? Not me.

The best digestive enzyme supplement contain kiwifruit
pulp and skin. The combination is only found in Kiwi-Klenz.
The formula is patented by Xtendlife. No other company has

Xtendlife’s formula provides the periodic fiber that your core
needs to regain balance. This fiber promotes the growth and
colonization of beneficial bacteria (L acidophilus and B
bifidum) in the gut.

The formula also provides phenolic compounds. Phenolics
are nutrients found in plant foods that provide numerous health
benefits. In this instance, the benefits are decreased growth of
dangerous E. coli and staph bacteria. Psyllium husks, which
are what most fiber supplements contain, do not contain any

Warning: You should not take fiber supplements
containing psyllium husks. There is a risk that they
will swell up and cause an intestinal blockage.
Excessive fiber can be toxic and may actually cause
mineral deficiencies dueto increased mineral excretion.

Last but by no means least, Kiwi-Klenz supplies the best
digestive supplement that your body needs to
digest meat and dairy products. Did you know that heartburn
medications interfere with your body’s ability to absorb protein
from the foods that you eat?

If you have taken heartburn medicines in the past, you need Kiwi-Klenz right now.
Anyone will benefit from a daily dose of Kiwi-Klenz. It may allow other supplements
to work better, because your body can better absorb those nutrients.

Do you frequently suffer from heartburn, constipation, bloating or other digestive
complaints? Then get your digestive system in balance. It’s easy!

All you have to do is order Kiwi-Klenz The Xtendlife website is open 24 hours,7
days a week. After you place your order for best digestive enzymes supplement,
you’ll probably feel a little better because you know that relief is on its way!

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