How to Digest Food Better For Health -Prebiotics For Better Digestive Health

Many people wonder why you need to learn how to digest food better. They seem to think that suffering from
heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive disturbances are normal. Getting rid of those
problems is not the only reason to learn, however.

Poor digestion means poor nutrient absorption from foods. When nutrients are not absorbed through the lining
of the small intestine, they pass in and then out of your body like they were never there. So no matter how high
the quality of the food you eat, you can suffer from symptoms of malnutrition.

This constant lack of essential nutrients is recognized by your body. The response is between meal hunger
pangs. If you ignore them, you may overeat when it is mealtime. Overeating only adds to the problem.
Poor nutrient absorption leads to symptoms that people do not always associate with digestion. Symptoms like
bad skin, bad breath, weak teeth, aching joints and fatigue may be caused by malnutrition.

There are many issues that can interfere with nutrient absorption in the small intestine. One of the most
common is overgrowth of yeast. The yeast grows on the inside of the lining and clogs up the tiny villi through
which nutrients are absorbed.

Learning how to digest food better involves learning how to get rid of the yeast. What’s the answer? The
answer is beneficial bacteria.

You may have heard of probiotics: supplements that contain beneficial bacteria. The hope associated with
probiotics is that the bacteria within them will set up a household in the digestive tract and eat the yeast. But for
some reason, probiotics, although beneficial, are not what you need to achieve optimal digestion health.

They only increase the bacterial count in the feces for a short period of time, while the supplements are being
taken. So, they do not encourage the colonization of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

You body knows how to digest food better, but you have to give it the right tools. In this case, the tools it needs
are prebiotics.

Prebiotics are relatively new dietary supplements. The best ones are derived from naturally occurring foods,
unlike probiotics, which are always man-made foods. An example of a prebiotic rich food is whole kiwi fruit,
including the hairy skin. Either eating the fruit whole or dietary supplements produced from them may promote
the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Prebiotics are only a single part of the total solution, though. Kiwifruit extract also contains unique enzymes that
are an important part of how to digest food better. The enzymes help to break down the foods that you eat.

In particular, they are necessary for the breakdown of proteins found in animal products and milk. If the
proteins are not broken down into their component amino acids or if the break down is not complete, your body
does not get the protein it needs regardless of how much you eat. The result can be weak muscles and
difficulty building muscles no matter how much you exercise.

You need to know that not all kiwifruit supplements contain the skin and only the skin contains the prebiotics.
So, you have to be careful when you shop for a healthy supplement.

There are other reasons that you might need to learn how to digest food better. Once your digestive tract
gets back in balance, you may be surprised by how good you feel all around!

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