Fight Back Against Lupus And Brain Disorders With Omega 3 Fish Oil

Benefits of omega 3 fish oil for lumpus and brain health are some of the most
encouraging and exciting developments doctors have seen in years. The overall health
benefits of Omega 3 fish oil are well documented but now doctors are seeing a distinct link
not only to proper brain function but also to easing the symptoms of lupus and other
autoimmune disorders.

Among the many positive effects of Omega 3 fatty acids is their ability to improve the
function and fluidity of nerve cell membranes in the brain. This is essential to good health
as these nerve cells are responsible for transmitting neurological impulses throughout the
body. When these transmissions are disrupted, the result can be any number of
unpleasant symptoms from forgetfulness to violent mood swings.

Of course, increasing your intake of Omega 3’s is not a cure, but it has been shown to
have a significant impact on patients with neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s,
depression and ADHD. And the positive effect on the brain is only the tip of the iceberg.
Benefits of omega 3 fish oil for lumpus and brain disorders are being discovered every

Lupus is an autoimmune disorder that causes the body to react negatively to its own
tissues and organs. Everything from the skin, joints and blood to the kidneys, brain, heart
and lungs can be affected. Studies have shown that lupus patients who take a regular
Omega 3 fish oil supplement have marked relief from their symptoms. Given how
debilitating the disease can be, any kind of relief is more than welcome.

That’s why studies on the effect of Omega 3 on lupus patients are so encouraging.
Benefits of omega 3 fish oil for lumpus and brain disorders don’t just stop with improving
immune system function. Because Omega 3 has a direct effect on the vascular system, it
can help to repair the damage to blood vessels caused by lupus.

Unfortunately, it is simply not possible to get the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids you need
to battle lupus and brain disorders simply by eating more fish. Even with a healthy,
balanced diet that contains a lot of fish, you are still likely to need an extra boost. This can
be achieved by adding an all-natural fish oil supplement to your daily routine.

Benefits of omega 3 fish oil for lumpus and brain health are increased with the use of
supplements made from naturally harvested fish oil and carefully manufactured to preserve
maximum potency. With the right supplement added to your regular diet, you’ll begin to
notice a difference as symptoms of lupus, depression, ADHD and other illnesses are

If you are one of the millions of patients diagnosed with lupus or a neurological disorder,
don’t assume that you have to suffer in silence. Take a natural Omega 3 fish oil
supplement and fight back against painful symptoms every day!

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