Weight Loss Management – A Weight Loss Management Plan

Obesity throughout the world, not just in the USA, is growing by leaps and bounds. The
potential for health problems with obese people will be a worldwide disaster if it cannot
be controlled.

The latest research relating to weight loss management provides that any successful
weight loss plan needs intelligence, understanding, planning and most importantly

If you truly want to lose weight safely and naturally, you must be ready to change your
lifestyle and be able to make your health the number one priority in your life. The result
will be a happier, healthier you with more energy and better self image.

Successful weight loss will occur over a period of time necessary to reach your goal.
You cannot go on a quick fix diet and be successful – you will just regain the weight and
add even more weight to your body. Lose weight over time while you change your
habits so that you can maintain the weight loss forever.

Your body will need to become used to your new calorie requirements. Appetite and
metabolism are automatic processes in your make up. It takes hard work and dedication
to change these processes and lose weight. It takes even more work to maintain your
healthy weight.

Food selection, the amount of food eaten, huge amounts of fat and sugar, unhealthy
fast food is out of touch with our biological needs. We must overhaul our diets and
begin making healthier food choices.

Just observing the people around you is evidence of how obesity is taking over the
population. More than 3 in every 5 people are overweight or obese. In the US alone
there are over 39 million obese people. This is an epidemic.

It is time for us to change. If you are overweight, unwell and on your way to serious
diseases the time to change is now.

Here is how to attain your healthy weight loss goals. First check with your health care
provider to make sure you can safely begin exercising and losing weight.

Now, recognize the road ahead will be difficult and make a pact with yourself to change
your ways. Get involvement and encouragement from family and friends. Commit to an
exercise plan that is reasonable and safe for your current physical capabilities.
Remember exercise burns fat and the more you exercise the more healthy food you will
be able to eat.

There is no secret to weight loss. You must exercise or use up energy in excess of
calories consumed. It is a simple concept, but difficult to put into practice.

Set realistic weight loss goals. You are not going to loose ten pounds a week. It took
a long time to gain the weight and you will need time to lose it. A realistic goal is two to
three pounds a week.

Think of it this way – excess fat is stored energy that you have not used as you should.
You need to use up all that wonderful stored energy gradually just like burning a
candle. The candle is the stored energy and the flame uses up the energy. Get moving
and turn on the flame.

Clean out the cupboards and refrigerator of all foods that trigger binges. Remove all
saturated fat laden foods and desserts. No food is forbidden, but must be a part of
careful meal planning and portion control. Choose foods that are filling and that will
sustain fullness. Proteins such as skinless chicken, lean meat, and fish will help keep
you full and provide needed muscle building protein. Fresh fruits and vegetables are
filling and necessary for good health. Low fat dairy and cheese are good choices.
Whole wheat breads and cereals also provide and excellent source of fiber. Also
suggest you add a weight loss supplement to your diet.

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