African Mango – The Secret Fat Burner Supplement

In Cameroon Africa there is a rare type of mango fruit from which African mango extract
is gathered. The seeds of the plant contain the element that is attributed
to its weight loss properties. The extract is called irvingia gabonensis and has
been used for hundreds of years in Africa and is reputed by the natives to have many
health benefits.

This wonderful extract may have many medical benefits in addition to help with weight
loss. The aid to weight loss occurs because the extract speeds up the metabolism in the
body and this means it can help the body burn many more calories.

The seeds of this fruit have heat generating properties that help burn body fats. Obesity
in this country is a national epidemic, in fact, obesity has become a problem throughout
the world. Anything that can safely help control this epidemic would be worthwhile.

Research has seen compelling results in both weight reduction, body fat reduction and
reduction of waist circumference with this supplement as well as a reduction in leptin (the
obesity hormone) levels.

Although African mango has been studied for over 20 years in this country, it has just
recently been studied for its aid in weight loss. In double blind testing the supplement
showed positive clinical results also in treating insulin resistance and high cholesterol

Participants in various studies were administered 150 mg twice a day befor meals. The
participants results were weight reduction and an improvement within metabolic
guidelines associated with insulin resistance.

Aside from the promising laboratory results, African Mango has a very low propensity for
abuse. It also has been clinically proven to have no weight rebound effect. Of course,
when starting a weight loss program, one should never rely entirely on supplements
alone; one must eat a healthy diet and include some exercise in order to meet weight
loss goals.

Remember loosing weight is difficult and it is about using the extra weight you have
accumulated as energy. You must burn calories for energy and if you do not burn more
calories than you ingest you will gain weight.

To a large extent metabolism also plays an indispensable role in your health. If it is slow
your body will absorb excess calories that turn to fat. This supplement will help increase
your metabolism and aid in preventing your body from storing excess fat.

The research appears to be so positive regarding this supplement and there does not
seem to be any adverse side effects or dosage restrictions. Seriously, what have you
got to lose – maybe more weight with African Mango.

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