Weight Loss Goal – Step By Step Realistic Approach To Staying Healthy

Of course, in a perfect, ideal world, becoming fitter and therefore staying healthy
should be sufficient motivation for any rational person to begin working out

Sadly, the world is neither perfect nor ideal, and for many millions of people all
over the planet, taking those critical first steps along the weight loss ‘road’ are
just too troublesome and time-consuming. In effect, it is just that much easier to
do nothing than it is to make the initial effort.

There is, in other words, a distinct lack of motivation, so nothing gets done
because that is simply easier! So, how is it possible to find the motivation to get
up off your backside and start exercising, especially when life is so busy? The
answer is that you must create a goal or objective for yourself.

It is no use at all telling yourself that you want to lose weight and be healthier.
You must establish exactly why you want to do this, what it is that you will gain by
becoming a sleeker, fitter new you. And, I would suggest that the chances are
almost 100% certain that, if you have not started exercising yet because of a
lack of motivation, then you have not yet set your goal in place.

So, try to move away from thinking about the idea of exercise or being fitter as an
end in itself.

Realize that it is nothing more than a means to help you reach a goal that you set
for yourself, a way of arriving at a personal objective that you are determined to

Only you can decide what this goal will be. However, it must be significant enough
to justify the efforts that you will have to put in to achieve it.

Plus, it is crucial that you make the goal a very specific one too, as this gives you
a point of focus. It is this focus that will keep you going when times get tough.

For example, many years ago, I decided together with a group of friends that our
New Year resolution would be to “lose weight”. Some guys left it at that and within
days had quietly dropped out of training. They did not put their specific goal in
place and, thus, they had little or no motivation.

They had no target and, without any target to aim at, how would they ever know
when they had shot a bull’s-eye? They didn’t know where they were going, so
what hope could they ever have of knowing when they arrived at their

Two of us, however, did set our own very specific objectives. We were going to
lose at least two pounds each per week until we reached our healthy weight..

In both cases, our goals were clearly established, tied to specific event of
reaching our healthy weight. With our weight loss goal in place, everything
else could be built around those objectives. We both reached our objectives
and celebrated our accomplishments.

Now, in this example, our objectives were also based around and centered upon
losing weight and staying healthy.

A seriously overweight friend, for example, decided that he was going to buy
himself a sleek new sports car, but the fact of the matter was that, without a
serious reduction in size, he simply was not able to fit behind the wheel!

That was his objective, and, every time he felt himself wavering, he would simply
visit the car showroom to remind himself exactly why he needed to get fit and lose

And, again, he too was successful, because he had a clear tangible target for
which he was aiming.

So, motivate yourself to start exercising by choosing your own specific objective
that can only be achieved by losing weight..

Answer that question, and finding the motivation to start should no longer be an
issue for you

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