Amazing Benefits of Omega 3 fish oil As A Sports Nutrition

Fish oil omega 3 for sports nutrition is a relatively new area of interest. For years,
doctors have been recommending fish oil supplements to help improve overall health and
particularly heart health. The Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are a vital nutrient but
one that the body cannot produce naturally so they must be obtained through an outside

What makes Omega 3’s so important? They have a number of benefits from increasing
circulation to lowering cholesterol to improving skin tone. They can help your body to
fight off any number of illnesses by strengthening its natural defenses. As if all that
weren’t enough, there are also specific benefits of omega 3 for athletes.

Omega 3 Can Be An Athlete’s Best Friend

One of the most important benefits of Fish oil omega 3 for sports nutrition is its ability
help boost recovery time. Because athlete’s bodies are under constant stress, they are
prone to injury and pain and this can be exacerbated by inflammation. Inflammation is the
number one contributing factor to joint pain, stiffness, injury and degenerative conditions
such as arthritis.

That’s why the ability to fight inflammation is one of the key benefits of omega3 for
athletes. Omega 3 fatty acids have been proven to help stem inflammation by reducing
the production of prostaglandin, a hormone-like substance that is a contributing factor to
inflammation. By easing inflammation, Omega 3’s can actually improve athletic
performance by allowing athletes to recover quicker and remain active longer.

Another reason why Fish oil omega 3 for sports nutrition is so popular is because Omega
3 fatty acid can also improve lung capacity by increasing oxidation. This is made possible
as inflammation in the tiny passages of the lungs decreases, allowing more oxygen to be
circulated. This, in turn, gives athletes a larger supply of oxygen to work with, once again
increasing their endurance.

When discussing the benefits of omega3 for athletes, it is also necessary to mention their
tendency to improve body composition. The ratio of body fat to muscle mass is a key
consideration for athletes, and Omega 3’s can help to offset accumulated body fat by
encouraging the development of more lean muscle mass. All of that translates into a
leaner, more fit body that can better withstand the rigors of athletic performance.

Since it is not possible for the body to produce its own Omega 3, that’s where the subject
of Fish oil omega 3 for sports nutrition comes in. Fish oil is one of the best naturalsources
of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Adding fresh fish to your regular diet can help to
increase your Omega 3 levels but in most cases, the best way to get the amount you need
is by taking an all-natural fish oil supplement.

There are many such products on the market today, so if you feel that adding one to your
regular routine would benefit your athletic performance you should talk to your doctor
about it. You never want to take any supplement without a doctor’s advice as some can
have adverse effects when combined with other medicines or even other supplements.
But with the right supplement on your side, you can see your athletic performance improve
and feel the difference Omega 3 can make.

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