Understanding The Myths About Vitamins And Supplements

The myths about vitamins and supplements are almost as plentiful as the number of vitamins
and supplements themselves. For every fact about supplementing your regular diet, there are at
least a dozen fictional statements that pop up, all of which can make choosing a nutritional
supplement that much harder. Here are 10 such myths to file away for future reference:

1.) Your regular diet gives you everything you need. This is the most common of the ten
myths about vitamins and supplements. The fact is growing and processing standards have
stripped many foods of their natural nutrients, making it almost impossible to get all of the
essential nutrients from your regular diet, no matter how healthy it is.

2.) Once a day is all you need. No matter how comprehensive a daily multivitamin or
supplement is, it can still fall short of providing all the necessary nutrients. The myths about
vitamins and supplements should include the belief that taking one supplement a day is always

3.) RDA tells me what I need. The required daily amount, or RDA, of nutrients is one of the
biggest of the ten myths about vitamins and supplements. In fact, the RDA only indicates the
minimum amount required, not the total amount you may actually need.

4.) You can o.d. on vitamins. There are some vitamins that can have adverse effects when
taken in quantity, but generally, the amount required to produce those effects is far larger than
you’d find in any regular supplement.

5.) Capsules or Tablets makes a difference. In terms of the myths about vitamins and
supplements, this is a fairly common one, but the fact is that either system of delivery works just
fine, provided the proper manufacturing process is employed in producing them.

6.) Added fillers mean poor quality. In fact, many inactive ingredients are included for very
good reason…either to help aid in breaking down the supplement or to prevent nausea or other
adverse effects. Again, the quality of the supplement is all in the manufacturing process.

7.) Supplements are completely unregulated. In the ten myths about vitamins and
supplements, this is the one most people believe, but it isn’t true. The FDA actually maintains
strict control over supplement production, so supplements that reach the shelves are usually
quite safe.

8.) Prescription drugs can cure all my ills. While traditional prescription drugs can certainly
help to treat various illnesses, that doesn’t mean they make supplements unnecessary. Nothing
helps your body fight illness better than getting the full complement of essential nutrients.

9.) All supplements are the same. Another of the biggies among the myths about vitamins
and supplements. They are not all the same and the proof is in the manufacturing. Make sure
you do your homework and choose your supplement wisely.

10.) I don’t need a dietary supplement, I’m perfectly healthy. You may be in good shape, but
that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need its nutrients. If you don’t get the required amount, you
won’t be able to maintain that good health.

When it comes to vitamins and supplements, knowing fact from fiction can make all the

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