Osteoarthritis – Managing Your Life With Arthritis

Education is the most important aspect of living with osteoarthritis. Knowledge
is power and you will need knowledge to manage your life with this chronic

Current research explores the causes, treatments, education and prevention.
The research exploded in the 1980s with new molecular biology techniques.

How does the body, heredity, infection and environment work together or separately to cause this
disease? With osteoarthritis a balance is needed. Research has shown that there are chemical
changes taking place after the onset of the disease that cause the loss of certain fibers that give
resilience to cartilage. There are also certain enzymes that destroy cartilage that seem
to begin working faster than the body can replace it. This, apparently, only happens in some people.

The immune system protects us from inflammation including swelling, redness and heat and research
is delving into the how and why the protection works in some cases and not in others. There is a group
of chemicals found in the bod by researchers that result in inflammation. Aspirin impedes the
production of those chemicals, but the side effects of aspirin are a problem especially when taken
over time.

There may be a genetic aspect to osteoarthritis and scientists are researching the heredity factors of
the disease. So far, they know that people with a certain genetic marker are more apt to develop the
disease than the general population.

Some infections can mix with a faulty gene that can cause a domino effect to set off more
malfunctions in the immune system. Also, it is known that certain viruses may cause some types of

Interestingly, researchers are puzzled by the disease pattern among countries. And are trying to
determine how and why the disease appears to be different in different countries. It also notes that
certain injuries can lead to arthritis such as football players with knee injuries often are prone to arthritis.

There are newer drugs being researched to aid with this disease and also how the side effects of
those drugs might impact the patients.

What can you do to manage this disease? First recognize the early symptoms, consult with a
physician, stay with your treatment plan, exercise to diminish the pain, eat well and maintain a healthy
weight, protect your joints, try relaxation methods to control the pain. All of this will make it necessary
to modify your lifestyle but it is important that you make your lifestyle one that promotes good health
and manages your disease as well.

A healthy supplement that is most often used by osteoarthritis patients is glucosamine because it
stimulates the formation of cartilage that is necessary for joint repair. This supplement is made from
shellfish exoskeletons and has a definite anti-inflammatory effect on the body. However, there are
natural supplements on the market that will also help to relieve the pain and other symptoms of
osteoarthritis. Some of these supplements combine various components that appear to have
positive results for patients.

Learn all you can about your disease by researching and asking questions. Knowledge is the key to
living well with the disease. And as always, discuss any healthy supplement with your doctor or health
care provider before taking .

Anti-Aging Healthy Supplement: Healthy Supplements for living happier and Feeling Younger

From the legendary Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon to the fictional Captain Jack Sparrow in 2007’s “Pirates of the
Caribbean: At World’s End,” the allure of a Fountain of Youth continues to mesmerize. It appears that de Leon never found
Florida’s purported anti-aging formula, and we don’t yet know whether or not Sparrow will find the elixir. What we do know is
that, today, the science of aging has progressed in leaps and bounds. Indeed, we know a great deal about how each of our
physiological systems functions, and the factors that cause each of them to derail and accelerate the aging process.

Free Radicals

Take free radical damage, for example. Free radical damage happens when the body’s cells lose electrons. Just as an old
car eventually rusts out, a person’s body ages as it sustains free radical damage. Some people theorize that aging itself is a
result of free radical damage, while others theorize that conditions associated with aging arise as a result of free radical
damage and together contribute to the aging process.

Reversing the Effects

The question then becomes, how can we reverse the effects of free radicals? Chemically speaking, it’s a matter of ingesting
what are called antioxidants. An antioxidant formula can stop free radicals in their tracks, both by preventing the loss of cells’
electrons and by adding or “donating” electrons back into cells. It’s like giving your car an undercoating to prevent rust.

Other Signs of Aging

But what about the other signs of aging? Well, some of them are visible – like the loss of elasticity in the skin, wrinkles, and
graying hair – and some of them are invisible – like memory loss, vision deterioration, and hormone imbalances. The right
combination of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, herbs, and minerals can help counteract the aging process. Such anti-aging
supplements not only can stop aging, but can actually reverse the process.

Anti-Aging Supplement

Although there are a variety of types of antioxidants supplements in the marketplace, if you’re interested in reversing the
aging process, you should consider an anti-aging natural supplement. As opposed to creams, supplements work from the
inside out to repair cells and to regenerate healthy new cells. A good anti-aging supplement will afford you with a variety of
benefits, including improving sleep, increasing energy, initiating fatty acid metabolism, improving memory and mental
alertness, increasing circulation, improving skin texture, boosting the immune system, promoting hormonal balance,
supporting good vision, and improving joint health. Beyond that, it should facilitate the repair of RNA and DNA.

When shopping for supplements that have an antioxidant formula, you should be sure to select a company that stands
behind their product with a money-back guarantee, that is in compliance with FDA regulations, and that doesn’t promise
overnight results. After all, the aging process takes time, and so does the reversal process. Finally, make sure that you
choose an all-natural anti-aging supplement that includes antioxidants.