Informatiion For Staying Healthy

How do I prepare myself for spring? 

Pushing power and renewal belongs to spring. It is when nature uses all that stored winter energy to burst forth and become more active.

A few ways to keep your body hydrated from the inside out:

  1. Drink Lots of Water.
  2. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables.
  3. Eat healthy fats.
  4. Cut back on salty and fried foods.
  5. Take supplements.

How does Spring clean your body? 

9 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Health
  1. Fill Your Plate With Fresh, In-Season Fruits and Vegetables.
  2. Be Mindful of Opportunities to Overindulge.
  3. Stay Hydrated.
  4. Get Outside and Get Moving.
  5. Soak Up the Sun.
  6. But Do Protect Skin and Eyes From Damaging UV Rays.
  7. Reset Your Sleep Schedule.
  8. Watch for Allergens (Both Indoors and Out)

What are the top 5 ways to stay healthy? 

Here are 20 practical health tips to help you start off towards healthy living in 2020.
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Consume less salt and sugar.
  • Reduce intake of harmful fats.
  • Avoid harmful use of alcohol.
  • Don’t smoke.
  • Be active.
  • Check your blood pressure regularly.
  • Get tested.

How do you stay healthy during spring break? 

Here are some tips to keep up your healthy lifestyle even while on vacation.
  1. Stay hydrated. First and foremost, make water your drink of choice.
  2. Don’t save up your calories. Many spring breakers will “save up” their calories for the day in order to eat a huge meal later.
  3. Stay active.
  4. Moderation is key.

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